Our roots run deep, allowing us to help you grow

Providing superior plants

and reliable services

 Ground Roots is a multi-faceted company with a singular focus; to work with and meet our customers’ needs.

We have three distinct divisions under the Ground Roots umbrella. First, our Plant Materials division is part nursery, part ________. We strive to grow the highest quality plants by obtaining genetically superior seed as well as practicing intentional cultural plant care. As we worked closely with our Plant Materials customers, we discovered a need for our honed agricultural skills. So, we founded our Contract Services division, initially supplying agricultural related aid such as field mowing, land clearing, and reforestation. We have since expanded and offer additional hands to plumbers, roofers, and many other trade related companies. We again recognized our employees’ talents and a need and became Porous Pave contractors – the third division under our umbrella. An eco-friendly recycled building material suitable for parking areas, walkways, courtyards, and more. 

Whether it is the wide range of plants we supply, or the flexibility in our schedule to help meet last-minute challenges that arise for our customers, Ground Roots aims to keep everyone happy.

Plant Materials

Our plant division supplies a variety of conifers and ornamental plants to garden centers, landscapers, and more. Our customers can be found from our headquarters in Dover, PA to the Mid West, south into North Carolina, and up into the New England region. 

Contract Services

Our team of employees has a wide range of talents to take on most any task – while our focus lies mostly in the Agricultural Industry, we do provide other industries temporary labor help. Such as roofers, plumbers, general construction, and more. 

Porous Pave

Porous Pave is an eco-friendly green building product that is manufactured in the USA with recycled rubber. It is a great option as a permeable paving solution for a wide variety of commercial, residential, and public works applications.


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